S4S, Architraves, Door Components, Decking

Fingerjointed and Laminated Scantling

KKK,DKD, Non Komo scantling products

SKH KOMO Products

Solid Komo, Laminated Komo, Komo WoodPrime Products

Engineered door frame and component

Door Jambs, Door Stiles

Wood Priming

Door Casing, Glass Beads

Kayuprima Sdn Bhd

Rough Sawn

Dark Red Meranti DUC Select & Better (Europe)
Red Meranti Sound and Better (South Africa/Mauritius)
Red Meranti Merchantable (Gulf Countries)
Dark Red Meranti Seraya/Bukit/Nemesu Select & Better (Holland)
Dark Red Meranti Nemesu Select & Better (Belgium)

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